4 Legal Mistakes Come Back to Haunt You

4 Legal Mistakes Come Back to Haunt You

A LegalShield membership can help.

As humans we all make mistakes. These legal mistakes can be costly and difficult to resolve. The key is understanding these common mistakes and how they can be avoided. Your LegalShield provider law firm is ready to help.

  1. Signing a contract without your attorney review. Lawyers cannot change the past; NEVER sign a contract again, lease or other agreement before you call your LegalShield attorney for review and advice. Contracts and other agreements are sometimes written to intentionally obscure/hide the true meaning. Your LegalShield attorney can help you make sense of a contract, lease or other agreements to ensure you fully understand your obligations.
  2. Not making a will. Without a will, you may leave your survivors with a costly legal mess to clean up. Surveys show three main reasons why people don’t yet have their will:
    a. Procrastination
    b. Belief that they don’t need one
    c. Cost
    Your LegalShield family plan solves these three problems. The process starts with completing the LegalShield will questionnaire, which is available via the LegalShield app (download for Apple or Android devices). You may also obtain a will questionnaire by calling LegalShield or your provider law firm. Your provider law firm information can be located on your LegalShield mobile app or through the “Ask Erin” feature on www.legalshield.com. The questionnaire asks for information about your situation and desires. Once your questionnaire is received your provider attorney will draft your will.
  3. Missing a statute of limitation deadline. Statutes of limitation are laws requiring an injured or aggrieved party to file a lawsuit within a certain time frame or forever lose the right to sue. The length of time to sue varies based upon the claim, type of injury, potential defendant and other factors. Nearly all claims are subject to statutes of limitation and some may be less than a year. The first step is to call your LegalShield provider law firm. You will need to speak with an attorney and provide necessary information to determine the statutes of limitation that apply to your case. After the appropriate statutes are determined, if you decide to proceed with a claim, an attorney may need several months to prepare the case for filing. It is essential to act quickly to protect your legal rights. If you have any questions about a legal matter, call your LegalShield provider law firm today.
  4. Paying for quick fix debt or credit relief plan. Many families feel overwhelmed by consumer debt. Companies that promise to help lower monthly payments and quickly pay off debt may sound like an appealing way out. Unfortunately, debt consolidation offers and credit repair plans are often too good to be true. There may be built in fees. If you have a poor credit rating, your consolidated debt may end up with a higher interest rate than you are already paying. Also, debt consolidators have been known to miss or make late payments. When monthly payments are not in your hands, you run the risk of the third party missing the payment or paying it late, which will negatively affect your credit and could result in additional fees. Call your LegalShield provider law firm for a review of any debt relief or credit repair plan and to learn what other options may be available.